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Human experience has taught us that we are not totally rational beings. We have feelings and emotions that can inform our actions. Throughout history, storytelling has served as a way to harness those feelings and inspire action. From simple day to day experiences with customers, colleagues, family and friends to harrowing or heroic tales from the field during restorations….National Grid employees know what it means to be here with and here for the communities we serve. Grid Stories is the place where these stories, OUR stories can be shared with colleagues, families and friends.

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Storms are inevitable. National Grid is always there for the customers, for whatever comes their way. Share your experiences with us, and share with others the challenges and successes of your efforts during our most difficult tests and triumphs.

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National Grid is committed to serving the communities in which we live, work and play. Whether it's time at a local animal shelter or a few hours at a local food bank, National Grid employees are here serving our customers on and off the job. Share your volunteer stories with us!

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National Grid is always striving to enhance the customer experience and increase customer awareness of our value. We are more than a utility company; we are our customers friends, family and neighbors. Tell us how you were able to enhance our value with our customers.

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Traditionally the focus has been to award longevity of service. However, appreciating employees at every stage in their careers provides important recognition. Share pictures and videos of your every day milestones - from the 1st day on the job to your last.

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Legal & Safety

At National Grid, safety is our highest priority. We value the safety of our employees and customers. We want to recognize all examples, both great and small, of what you do everyday to keep yourselves and our customers safe.

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Family is not just defined as your immediate family. Family at National Grid is the group of people you have come to rely and depend on through years of shared experiences. We want to know all about your family, both immediate and at National Grid.

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For those moments, images and stories that don't fit into our categories but are as equally valued - we want to hear what you have to say.

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