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Safety Guidelines

Grid Stories are pictures, videos, written and audio recordings submitted by employees by using the simple, user friendly options listed below.

Grid Stories App Instructions

For those of you that aren't camera shy you can tell us your story via video with either your Smartphone or tablet (Apple/Android) by following these instructions:

1. Visit the App Store on iTunes (For Apple Devices) or Google Play (For Android Devices) to download the Grid Stories app
2. Search for "Grid Stories" and look for the purple app icon:

3. Download & open the app
4. In "Enter Story Code here...", enter: nationalgrid
5. Tap “Add your story”
6. On the next screen below your chosen Story Code is a box for Story Title
7. Type in a title for your story
8. Select Media – Video or Photo (if your image tells the story)
9. Record your video or snap your picture
10. After it loads on the screen, scroll down
11. Provide your name and either your ph# or email address
12. Read then click to agree to Terms of Use
13. Hit Upload

If you don't have a digital device or would prefer an alternative way to share your story via video; National Grid has designed easy to use video booths that will be travelling across the footprint.

The *video booth also doubles as a photo booth if you’re looking for a way to capture or share images of yourself and/or your favorite colleague(s).

Toll Free Instructions

Or if you’re more comfortable off camera and prefer to tell us your story with you’re your words employees can chose from the following options.

You can dial toll free 866-449- GRID (4743) and record your story as an audio file for retelling on Grid Stories.

  1. Follow the prompts to record your message.
  2. Please leave us your name and your ph# or email address, without that information we will not be able to share your story with others

Submitting Written Stories

For those employees that prefer to share their story via the written word, we invite you to send us your story in as many words, in your own voice to the following snail and e-mail address's:


    National Grid
    attn: Grid Stories
    40 Sylvan Road
    Waltham, MA 02451

  • EMAIL:

National Grid's vision is to be a world-class safety organization, with zero injuries every day. At National Grid, we believe incidents are preventable and we wish to strive for zero incidents every day. Grid Stories, while intended to be a fun and engaging way to share our experiences, is not precluded from precautionary measures designed to support our stringent commitment to safety for ALL employees.

Due to the fact that the Grid Stories App (GS) is downloaded for use on hand held devices; National Grid prescribes its safe use (photo & video) as an extension of National Grid Safety Policies covering the use of handheld devices while driving and extend these policies to apply to safe use during work related tasks. Use of GS shall be limited to those cases where it will not interfere with the safe operation of vehicles or equipment.

More specifically use of GS is prohibited:

a) While driving ANY company vehicle incl. construction vehicles, forklifts etc.
b) While actively engaged in work gas/electric or in the proximity of gas/electric assets.
c) If the use interferes or interrupts in any way, strict adherence to safety & work procedures

In addition, the use of GS is considered included in the laws in the US and UK which prohibits hand held use while driving. As such, National Grid employee will be solely liable for the payment of any fines associated with breaking these laws. The Company will accept no responsibility for the payment of fines or other penalties imposed as a result of any such prosecution.

Additional Guidelines for the effective/safe use of GS includes:

Field employees being filmed or photographed in the field must be in National Grid class 3 hi-visibility vests or garments & have on the basic PPE - hard hat, safety glasses, safety boots. This is in addition to hi-vis, FR & task specific PPE, if any is needed.

If a work zone is being filmed or photographed the proper use of Work Zone Traffic Control Devices must be used - signs, cones etc...

Appropriate Use of Wireless Devices: Company wireless devices should be used in strict accordance with National Grid's Standards of Ethical Business Conduct – "Doing The Right Thing" http://us1infonet/sites/ethics2/Pages/standards_of_ethical_business_conduct.aspx.

Misuse of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.

The Ethical Use of Devices and the Safety policies and potential disciplines also apply to those performing Company business and/or being on Company properties even if the devices are not assigned or responsible to the Company.

Various Ways to Submit

The Grid Stories App


Toll Free (866) 449-GRID (4743)


Mailing Address

123 Street Name

Town Name, State Zip

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